Manage, visualise and monitor any element in your organisation structure! 

Simply manage, visualise and monitor any element or change in your organisation structure!

You can visualize and compare different versions of your organisation structure and monitor the eproformance of any organisation element, employee performance, department performance,…

Organisational structure is a mission critical method to defines how activities such as task allocation, coordination, and supervision are directed toward the achievement of organisational objectives. The organisational structure continuously changes, affecting organisational actions.

Org+ provides full management of any change in the organisation structure with the capability to see versions in different time series and track record of those changes. OrgPlus offers the management of Organisation Structure to form the foundation standard of operating procedures which individuals and committees get to participate in the decision-making processes, and thus to what extent their views shape the organisation’s actions. 

Org+ enables the visualisation of the most updated organisation structure or perspective. It empowers the HR department to track actions of changes in the organisation structure and monitor employee or department performance. While on the other side, Internal auditors are able to manage their audit plans and verify evidence in the system with the actual world through Org+. You can create a single repository of your human capital and Organisation structure through seamless integration with different systems, such as ERPs, BPM tools like Oracle and ARIS, and also sync changes directly with LDAP.

Start your next gen Organisation Structure management today!

Organisation structure management

By this Solution you will be able to: 

  1. Manage Full Cycle of Organisation Structure
  2. Links the business units in the Organization hierarchy to the Laws and regulations
  3. Link the Organisation Units to assigned business functions.
  4. The solution trigger predefined audit plans to review performance of Business Units.
  5. OrgPlus enables you to fully governance of changes on Business Unites, through a workflow and assigned task management.
  6. Seamless integration with ERP systems.

Moreover, OrgPlus leverage the gap between ERP and Business Planning. In other words, it reduce the gap between BPM department and HR department and keep the data in ARIS and ERP in OrgPlus

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Strategy and Performance management solution

Best digital experiance to manage your Strategy-to-Execute cycle

Empowering decision making process
Metrix+ is an evidence-based strategy and performance management solution, empowering organisations to transform their performance management processes from burdensome routines into valuable business practices. It focuses on measuring what matters to achieve your strategic objectives and offering to manage your eco-system with the ability to cascade and aggregate any performance measures.

Corporate performance management

  • Things are moving faster than ever in our always-changing digital world. Your business has to continuously improve and evolve to stay relevant and ahead of the market. New technologies, new business models, challenger brands and new competitors emerging virtually overnight are forever altering customer expectations—and all blend to create the perfect storm of digital disruption. According to Gartner, 40% of decision makers are urged to be faster while 79% of decisions are based on data provided by humans (manually captured).

    MetrixPlus enables decision making processes, empower responsive organisations and provide the agility to manoeuvre in ever-changing market conditions. MetrixPlus dynamicity offers you a user friendly experiance to manage your strategy-to-execute processes, enabling you to cascade and aggregate any performance meausres. MetrixPlus is the next generation of xP&A (Extended Planning and Analytics)

  • Metrix +

This is achievable in four simple steps:

    Create your Digital Twin Organisation capabilities by capturing the organisation contextual dimensions, as well as providing multi-dimensional relationships. Empowering you to build logical connections between identified organisational elements such as processes, channels, products, customers, departments, etc and Performance measures
    With an evidance based capability, MetrixPlus offers flexible digital experiance to identify, manage and assess performance metrics. You can set tasks and accountabilities to get data on-time. MetrixPlus supports different types of KPIs (Automatic, Manual & Aggregated) associated with organisation context to ensure proper proof about what is measured and what should be measured yet.
    Decision makers have valid and evidence proof about the organisational context and performance data where future planning and budgeting will be accelerated and more accurate. The software supports intelligent performance risk issues and suggests corrective and preventive action to ensure proper and systematic governance toward total corporate performance management.
    Metrix+ enables users to build and publish visual, interactive and relational dashboards to display performance perspectives according to audience interests. Metrix+ enables you to visualise organisational context in hierarchical view, providing the audiences more insight about cascaded and aggregated performance data and to study the impact of low-level organisational context to the top-level.


  • Dynamic views and perspectives
  • Dynamic workflow and SLAs
  • AI based to Foresee outcomes
  • Dynamic forms and surveys

Built to achieve higher-performance and enable decision making process

MetrixPlus offers:

  • Seamless Integration with ARIS by SoftwareAG
  • Ability to integrate with other Enterprise Architecture solutions to capture the organisational context
  • Ability to integrate with other budgeting tools like Hyperian, Port…etc

Metrixplus CPM strategy planning

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