RaaS – Resource As A Service

Simply manage size of resources on demand

Finding talents and bringing qualified candidates into organisations takes focused knowledge of the customers changing needs and new challenges. Whether you are keen to find one key Business Consultant, Integration Architect, or a team of skilled technology resources, it’s all about the right fit for your organisation.

Palmira from the pool of internal staff, resume databases, efficient recruiters and a large number of partner echo-systems is able to provide the right kind of profiles in a very short duration. Our recruitment process is very extensive, and the vigorous filtering process ensures that only the right candidates get shortlisted. Considering the large volume of recruitments, often to be done within a small span of time, Palmira engages external hiring consultants as well to help HR source quality candidates for specialised skills, middle & senior level positions.

Offering a flexible financial model to include or exclude all admin and HR services like – payroll, HR, training, yearly appraisal, comprehensive medical and other benefits like family benefits based on the eligibility of the resource are included in all staffing engagements.

Resources-as-a-Service (RaaS) is based on a simple concept: When your business need some extra hands-on expertise, you can effectively acquire selected employees from Palmira established team to work on a temporary basis for you. This allows your organisation to sidestep the often-costly process of finding, screening, and recruiting new hires when their situation may call for a more temporary and/or specialized type of help.

RaaS is ideal set-up for many organizations. RaaS engagement is completely flexible in terms of both scope of work and term. You may need a professional with 10+ years of experience to manage and lead your Business Process Management, API Management, Sustainability initiatives, or it may need a few employees for day-to-day tactical work.

We are in the outsourced staffing for years within general business functions such as Software Development, BPM, Excellence awards,…etc.


  • Cost reduction
  • Flexible, agile, fit-for-purpose support. Bring in any level of expertise without the challenges of hiring process or the long-term financial commitment of bringing in a full-time employee.
  • Speed. RaaS assignments are usually filled in a matter of weeks, and when needed, sometimes within days.
  • Have help when you need it. The ability to “transition out” the RaaS employee is as important as being able to quickly “transition in.”

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