Enterprise Architecture



Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the process of translating your business strategy into enterprise change by identifying, communicating, planning for and enabling your organization’s evolution to the desired future state.

Properly executed, EA can help bridge the gap between business and IT and enable your organization’s leaders to make better-informed decisions. With a strong EA function, you can see the assets in your organization, understand the interdependencies, and map them to a business architecture that allows you to realize better resource optimization through business process improvements or other initiatives that rapidly fill the gaps in your ability to attain your goals.

The role of the Enterprise Architecture in the project is to ensure the cooperation between the business process owners and the project organization. It needs to be reviewed in different phases of the project as defined in the Project Model. The projects shape and give input to Enterprise Architecture ensuring that it supports the on-going business changes.  The aim is to keep Enterprise Architecture holistic and on the driver seat what comes to the development of business concepts, processes and solutions.

Therefore, a good practice is to proactively give input to concepts and projects before too many decisions are made. In addition, it is essential to systematically maintain and communicate the target state with visual images to all relevant stakeholders.

We at Palmira can help you explore the benefits and use of Enterprise Architecture and offer practical guidance on the steps required to begin implementing a plan for your organization’s evolution.

We apply the latest framework designed for better Enterprise Architecture implementation like TOGAF and implement its relation with other known frameworks such as COBIT, ITIL and PMBOK to deliver to you an integration between these frameworks; and where they start and where they end.

In Palmira we provide you with full-fledge for your Portfolios Governance, including but not limited to Application Portfolio Governance, Information Portfolio Governance, Technology Portfolio Governance, Service Portfolio Governance, that would result in a better Architecture Evaluation & Road mapping.


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