Winning in digital means working different

It’s All About the Customer

Digital transformation is pushing IT to do more. You’re tasked with mastering new tech, collaborating with the business on digital strategies, and recommending strategic investments for the future. How can you do more with confidence? Go with the leader in enterprise architecture management, IT portfolio management and IT planning tools.

We offer unique EA practice by assesing the fitness of application portflio against Business and technical requirements, utilising best practices such as TIME by Gartner.

Industry-analyst-recognized Alfabet helps you invest in IT wisely by managing your current IT portfolio and collaboratively planning for the future.

Palmira helps you build your Enterprise Architecture including Business Layer (Strategy ManagementBusiness Processes, Performance Management, Service Management), Application Layer, Infrastructure layer (manage your IT portfolio), and Data Layer. On top of your EA, we provide a comprehensive Governance model to manage your internal audit management and Risk Management.

“81% of companies expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of Customer Experience”

Gartner Customer Experience Survey, 2018

The BiZZdesign Advantage

  • The Customer-Centric Adaptive Enterprise
    Digital Twin:

      Digital Model of physical asset

    • Real-time operational data from IoT sensors
    • Enables advanced analytics, e.g:
    • o Predictive Maintenance
      o Resource Optimisation
      o Flow Control

    • Digital Model of the Enterprise (Architecture)
    • Real-time data overlay from operational systems
    • Enabling advanced analytics
    • Dependency and impact analysis
    • Bringing architecture together with operations
    • Aligning resources with strategy
    • Coordinating efforts across silos
    • Evolving EA into a “must have” capability for digital business
  • Bizzdesign 3

HoriZZon Platform Overview

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The Cloudera foundation is built upon the Apache Hadoop framework and employs the largest group of committers under one roof. Cloudera enables organizations to capture, store, analyze and act on any data at massive speed and scale in a single data solution using Hadoop platforms.

Cloudera is agnostic to hardware and our solutions can be optimized for both the Cloud and on-premises environments. As a result, Cloudera has a vast partner ecosystem and we pride ourselves on our solutions being highly compatible with our Customers’ existing environment and service providers. This allows for our solution to be molded to environments for a custom experience rather than wasting time and resources introducing solutions that are not compatible with the pre-existing hardware, environment or service providers that are already in place, leading to any budget being vastly depleted even before the proposed solution is installed.

Your goals to modernize the legacy systems and better harness your data is the mission we at Cloudera share. We strive to bring a comprehensive solution-set of data analytics to data anywhere the enterprise needs to work, from the Edge to AI.

By implementing an open source data platform supported by Cloudera on your own infrastructure, in the cloud or a hybrid of both, we expect you can achieve the following core benefits as we enable your Data Lake:

  1. New Efficiencies for data architecture through a significantly lower cost storage platform by leveraging the industry’s only secure enterprise-ready open source Hadoop distribution. A modern data architecture will allow you to integrate, store and process all enterprise data regardless of source, format, and type at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.
  2. Capture Data in Motion in a secure, traceable way to un-tap the potential of streaming data analytics, data routing and overall seamless data ingestion from Dubai Municipality owned, or public data sources.
  3. New Opportunities, Innovation & Insights by providing data scientists, business analysts, and data developers with the ability to easily access and query all enterprise data within one environment from batch to real time using the tools they are most familiar with.

Cloudera EDH Solution

Cloudera EDH provides a unified platform to cost-effectively collect, store and manage unlimited volumes of any structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) consists of

  • CDH (Cloudera’s Distribution including Hadoop)
  • Cloudera’s Enterprise Management, Governance and Security layer.

CDH is 100% Apache-licensed open source and offers unified batch processing, interactive SQL, and interactive search, and role-based access controls. More enterprises have downloaded CDH than all other such distributions combined.

CDH includes the core elements of Apache Hadoop plus several additional key open source projects that, when coupled with customer support, management, and governance through a Cloudera Enterprise subscription, can deliver an enterprise data hub.

CDH is:

  • Flexible – Store any type of data and prosecute it with an array of different computation frameworks including batch processing, interactive SQL, free text search, machine learning and statistical computation.
  • Integrated – Get up and running quickly on a complete, packaged, Hadoop platform.
  • Secure – Process and control sensitive data and facilitate multi-tenancy.
  • Scalable & Extensible – Enable a broad range of applications and scale them with your business.
  • Highly Available – Run mission-critical workloads with confidence.
  • Compatible – Extend and leverage existing IT investments.

Cloudera’s Enterprise Management, Governance and Security layer:

  • Operations

Cloudera Manager: the best-in-class holistic interface that provides end-to-end system management and key enterprise features to deliver granular visibility into and control over every part of an enterprise data hub. It is the only enterprise-grade Hadoop management application available – empowering operators to improve cluster performance, enhance quality of service, increase compliance, and reduce administrative costs.

Cloudera Director: built for powering Hadoop across all the major cloud environments. It provides the flexibility to deploy on your environment of choice. With a single multi-cluster, multi-environment view, you can easily manage elasticity and dynamic cluster life cycles across common workloads.

  • Data Management

Cloudera Navigator: the only native end-to-end governance solution for Apache Hadoop based systems. Through a single user interface, it provides visibility for administrators, data managers, data scientists, and analysts to secure, govern, and explore the large amounts of diverse data that land in Hadoop. Cloudera Navigator is part of Cloudera Enterprise’s comprehensive data security and governance offering and is a key part of meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

Cloudera Navigator Optimizer helps you port and optimize your SQL queries on Hadoop

Cloudera Navigator Encrypt: the only Hadoop platform to provide out-of-the-box encryption for both “data in motion,” between processes and systems, as well as “data-at-rest” as it persists on disk or other storage mediums.

Cloudera Navigator KeyTrustee provides industrial strength Encryption Key Management.

The data can be transformed or the raw data in its full fidelity can be ingested and then transformations can be applied afterwards. This allows you to have full flexibility in terms of where and how you want to apply transformations.

Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub ships with numerous out-of-the-box options for Data Ingestion:

  • Sqoop is used to bulk move large datasets from a relational database to Hadoop or vice-versa.
  • Apache Spark and Spark Streaming allow users to define data transformations and perform them in-memory on data as it streams into the platform. Apache Spark is open source and part of CDH.

Apache Kafka allows real-time data integration. Apache Kafka is a distributed, partitioned, real-time pub/sub messaging system designed for speed, scalability, and durability. Apache Kafka is open source and part of CDH.

With Kafka (to transport events) and Spark Streaming (to process events as they arrive) deployments can easily scale to achieve over 1 million end-to-end events per second.

Cloudera Platform Future

The merger of Hortonworks and Cloudera on January 3, 2019 has led for the combining of products and roadmaps.  Cloudera has stated publicly, that it will support both previous HDP and CDH deployments in their latest versions until January 2022. The first release of CDP will be composed of a selection of elements from HDP version 3.x and CDH 6 and will be focused on running customers’ existing workloads and data.   CDP will be expected to run in the cloud, both private and/or public clouds.  Additionally, the on-premise solution will be forthcoming.

Cloudera Enterprise Platform provides End-to-End components that cover most of the components within the architecture under one platform. Few other components should be procured from Cloudera Ecosystems partners who are certified and supported to work with Cloudera Platform and to be integrated within Cloudera Manager as well.

The following graph provide high level architecture for solution provided:

High Level Architecture

The best approach to have a proper solution design for Big Data and analytics platforms is to have an understanding of use cases needed which dictate how overall architecture should look like. Cloudera provides a general end-to-end architecture that most use cases use with some modification(s) here and there depending on the requirements. Most of Cloudera components in the platform will be used in a way or another to achieve functionalities required.

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End to end data science for better decision making.

KNIME Analytics Platform:
KNIME Analytics Platform is the open source software for creating data science applications and services. Intuitive, open, and continuously integrating new developments, KNIME makes understanding data and designing data science workflows and reusable components accessible to everyone.

KNIME Server:
KNIME Server is the enterprise software for team based collaboration, automation, management, and deployment of data science workflows, data, and guided analytics. Non experts are given access to data science via KNIME WebPortal or can use REST APIs to integrate workflows as analytic services to applications and IoT systems.

KNIME Extensions

Open source extensions for KNIME Analytics Platform are developed and maintained by KNIME and provide additional functionalities such as access to and processing of complex data types, as well as the addition of advanced machine learning and AI algorithms.

KNIME Integrations

Open-source integrations for KNIME Analytics Platform (also developed and maintained by KNIME), provide seamless access to large open-source projects such as Keras for deep learning, H2O for high performance machine learning, Apache Spark for big data processing, Python and R for scripting, and more.

Shape your data

Derive statistics, including mean, quantiles, and standard deviation, or apply statistical tests to validate a hypothesis. Integrate dimensions reduction, correlation analysis, and more into your workflows.

Aggregate, sort, filter, and join data either on your local machine, in-database, or in distributed big data environments.

Clean data through normalisation, data type conversion, and missing value handling. Detect out of range values with outlier and anomaly detection algorithms.

Blend data from any source

Open and combine simple text formats (CSV, PDF, XLS, JSON, XML, etc), unstructured data types (images, documents, networks, molecules, etc), or time series data.

Connect to a host of databases and data warehouses to integrate data from Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Apache Hive, and more. Load Avro, Parquet, or ORC files from HDFS, S3, or Azure.

Access and retrieve data from sources such as Twitter, AWS S3, Google Sheets, and Azure.

Extract and select features (or construct new ones) to prepare your dataset for machine learning with genetic algorithms, random search or backward- and forward feature elimination. Manipulate text, apply formulas on numerical data, and apply rules to filter out or mark samples.

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Liferay is the #1 low-code Digital Experience platform to help you innovate faster and deliver real business value.

Visually develop your applications, easily integrate with any system, add your own custom code when you need it, and change applications at the speed of business.

Drive Real Business Impact… Fast.

One Platform.
Endless Solutions.

Transform your digital experiences with a single, flexible platform that addresses your most complex business challenges.

Deliver personalized experiences for the entire customer journey.

A Flexible Platform to Fit Your Needs

Liferay DXP is designed to work within your existing business processes and technologies to build a custom solution that uniquely meets your needs. Great experiences don’t just happen, create them with Liferay DXP.

Connect Your Experiences and Systems For a Single View

Bring your business together onto a unified digital platform that makes it easy to host multiple systems in order to create cohesive customer experiences.

Create Personalized Experiences At Every Point in the Journey

Make each customer experience personal and stay relevant throughout their journeys. Liferay DXP makes it easy to create and deliver experiences to help you meet your

Customize Your Solutions Quickly On a Flexible Platform

Innovate and be ready for future needs on a customizable platform that grows alongside your needs. Liferay DXP is unrivaled when it comes to integration and interoperability.

How 1,300+ Companies Use Liferay’s Software

See how successful companies use Liferay DXP to accomplish what they need for their enterprises to win, serve and grow their customers.

Drive Real Business Impact… Fast.

Intranets Equip employees with modern tools to get work done faster.

Websites Create personalized web experiences that attract and empower customers.

Customer Portals Build strong customer relationships that extend beyond the purchase.

Partner Portals Satisfy your partners with a platform built to handle complex scenarios.

Integration Platforms Unify your new and existing systems into one powerful platform.

Contact us to Discover IT’s Secret Weapon: DXPs Is there a piece of technology that will enable IT teams to successfully build the solutions their organization needs? It’s not too good to be true; it’s a digital experience platform (DXP).

DXPs are becoming an urgent necessity for global IT teams, helping organizations:

Cut down on costs and resources

Fulfill multiple needs through one platform

Adjust for future needs quickly

See how your organization can leverage a DXP as the centerpiece in a tech ecosystem that brings content, data, experiences, and applications into one layer for optimized digital experiences across the entire user journey. Automate your services today…

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IoT comulocity

IoT cumulocity

Dream big on the IoT with us!

Why go IoT alone?

Build on experience

Put our 10 years of successful IoT experience to work, including best-in-class approaches proven in 1,000s of solutions worldwide.

Reuse best practices

Access a proven project methodology, 500+ solution accelerators and 3,000+ reusable processes to accelerate your time to value.

Get help when you need it

Our enablement services and partnerships can help you develop and deploy your solution faster. Ask about Cumulocity IoT QuickStart to get a pilot project running in 6 weeks or less—enablement services included.

“I have seen many different platforms in various shapes and sizes and I can say that Cumulocity is probably one of the best platforms in terms of stability and purpose.”

Global IoT & Data Analytics Director, Gardner Denver

Let’s achieve IoT together!

Why chance IoT? The IoT can have a big impact on your future—so dream big with a leader. Software AG has a decade of experience in working with businesses of all sizes in implementing the IoT, and we’re consistently rated a leader by the analysts. You can:

Quickly and painlessly get started with the IoT

Connect OT to IT and seamlessly combine IoT insights with the processes that run your business

Grow with the freedom to choose between SaaS, PaaS or a custom, multi-vendor IoT solution Learn more:

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Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)



webMethods Integration Platform is an enterprise service bus solution that quickly connects all systems and applications no matter where they reside. This powerful solution offers a proven and pre-integrated software suite that makes it easy to quickly integrate systems, servers, processes, devices, partners and data. With this enterprise service bus platform, organizations not only get a solution for application integration, B2B and cloud integration, but for managed file transfer, master data management and mobile applications as well.


Enterprise service bus solution enables you to:

  • Eliminate application silos by quickly integrating anything with everything
  • Enable custom, packaged and mainframe applications and databases to interoperate and exchange information easily
  • Reduce the costs of maintenance and integration by eliminating point-to-point connections
  • Accelerate time-to-market by developing applications faster and re-using existing assets
  • Extend information and apps to employees, customers and partners anywhere
  • Power enterprise mobile apps by provisioning back-end data capabilities in a secure and well-managed fashion
  • Eliminate redundant or unneeded systems from acquisitions and mergers
  • Securely connect mobile and SaaS applications with enterprise systems
  • Improve regulatory compliance and risk management by using a single version of shared data
  • Ensure continued value from legacy and core applications with SAP integration


Business integration solution is built with best-of-breed enterprise service bus technology and offers capabilities that include:

Service orchestration with built-in mapping and transformation functions

Asynchronous high-speed messaging to Web, mobile and enterprise clients

Master data management for customer, product, reference and hierarchical data

Managed file transfer within the organization and across enterprises

End-to-end life-cycle management of all integration artifacts

Integration holds the key to accelerating innovation, but in many organizations, business systems and application integrations haven’t kept up with the demands of digital. Data still exists in a siloed blend of on-premises systems and unconnected cloud applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) has added another layer of complexity into the mix.

Spark new ideas, create new products and services with integration as your differentiator using our market-leading webMethods Integration platform.

We’ve helped thousands of organizations across nearly every industry achieve success and re-invent themselves as innovators and marketplace disrupters. As the leader and recognized experts in integration with our iPaaS, hybrid integration, APIs, B2B, cloud integration and on-premises integration offerings—we can help you integrate anything—and everything.

For companies seeking a leading enterprise service bus solution, we offer the webMethods Integration Platform.

webMethods (API Management)

Integration is more than connecting applications. Through Software AG’s webMethods, we will enable your firm to integrate systems, applications, services, processes, partners and data to provide new business value and improve performance.

We integrate with any system, using protocols like: MQ, JDBC, SOAP & REST Services, FTP, and many others, …

Today’s integration challenges include integrating applications no matter where they are deployed – integration platform as a service (iPaaS), inside a company’s firewalls, or at a partner’s site. Integration also must help manage external access to a company’s unique data and capabilities.

Our talented Java and Nodejs developers who have extensive expertise in SOA and application integration, help our customers design and develop cost-effective integrated business solutions.

Your options are wide open with us. By building an application integration solution on the top-rated hybrid integration platform, you can set up just about any integration quickly and easily. You can:

Integrate cloud-based apps and on-premises systems without coding

Simplify with one toolset for on-premises and cloud integrations

Use a microservices-style architecture to deliver and scale new integrations faster

Run both services and messaging-style integrations

Even count on us for managed services for your integration needs

webMethods platform offers an opportunity to organizations to meet all their data access, integration and management requirements with one solution—CONNX—whether you want to plug into mainframe, mid-tier, desktop or cloud systems. Using the industry’s widest range of database drivers, you can create a single view of multiple databases and allow real-time access to consume the data as it is being updated in real time.

With API Management you can:

  • Design and compose APIs
  • Protect and secure your APIs
  • Engage with developers and partners to build your ecosystem
  • Manage the API lifecycle
  • Monitor the health of your APIs
  • Catalog your APIs for discovery, reuse and lifecycle management
  • Manage the consumption of 3rd party APIs

With an integrated infrastructure from Software AG, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your APIs. API Management powered by webMethods allows you to securely expose your APIs to external developers and partners.

Forrester Research named Software AG a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Integration for Enterprises, Q4 2016.

In this highly valued report, you’ll learn the results of “The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Integration for Enterprises, Q4 2016” extensive research of the top Hybrid Integration Solutions, including each product’s overall ranking, specific capabilities and strengths and weaknesses

webMethods (BPMS)

The webMethods BPMS

The solution delivers everything you need to improve process speed, visibility, consistency, and agility. Capabilities include:

Process execution that let you run perfectly orchestrated processes in a transparent and efficient process landscape

Business rules management that enables you to define and change rules at any time without requiring the help of developers

Closed-loop analytics that let you take actions based on alerts from milestones, goals, and SLAs

A customizable inbox that lets you view, act on and collaborate on assigned tasks

A recommendation engine that guides you to complete tasks faster and more effectively

Task and team management to improve how people interact with your processes

Business activity monitoring to catch process problems in real time and prevent them from impacting customers or revenue.

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ALFABET EA Design and Management

Increase return on IT Investment and decrease IT complixity

Accelerate your IT transformation with Alfabet

Digital transformation is pushing IT to do more. You’re tasked with mastering new tech, collaborating with the business on digital strategies, and recommending strategic investments for the future. How can you do more with confidence? Go with the leader in enterprise architecture management, IT portfolio management and IT planning tools—Alfabet.

We offer unique EA practice by assesing the fitness of application portflio against Business and technical requirements, utilising best practices such as TIME by Gartner.

Industry-analyst-recognized Alfabet helps you invest in IT wisely by managing your current IT portfolio and collaboratively planning for the future.

ALFABET and Enterprise Architecture

Palmira helps you build your Enterprise Architecture including Business Layer (Strategy ManagementBusiness Processes, Performance Management, Service Management), Application Layer, Infrastructure layer (manage your IT portfolio), and Data Layer. On top of your EA, we provide a comprehensive Governance model to manage your internal audit management and Risk Management.

“Enterprise architecture (EA) is a discipline for proactively and holistically leading enterprise responses to disruptive forces by identifying and analysing the execution of change toward desired business vision and outcomes. EA delivers value by presenting business and IT leaders with signature-ready recommendations for adjusting policies and projects to achieve target business outcomes that capitalise on relevant business disruptions. EA is used to steer decision making toward the evolution of the future state architecture”

Gartner “Enterprise Architecture (EA)” in IT Glossary at

Palmira enables organisations to manage their enterprise architecture containing four layers, called the business perspective, the application perspective, the information perspective, and the technology perspective:

  • The business perspective defines the processes and standards by which the business operates on a day-to-day basis.
  • The application perspective defines the interactions among the processes and standards used by the organisation.
  • The information perspective defines and classifies the raw data (such as document files, databases, images, presentations, and spreadsheets) that the organisation requires in order to efficiently operate.
  • The technology perspective defines the hardware, operating systems, programming, and networking solutions used by the organisation.

EA Benefits:

EA has proven benefits and advantages to organisations that include improved decision making, improved adaptability to changing demands or market conditions, elimination of inefficient and redundant processes, optimization of the use of organisational assets, and minimization of employee turnover.

Improve Agility, Increase Productivity, Enhance Transparency, Enforce Culture, Remove Gaps, and Reduce Cost.

In today’s digital and interconnected world, business as usual is not enough anymore!

Organisations should be agile and responsive to the new market requirements, regulation changes, and market trends. Palmira helps you be more agile, responsive, and reduce cost through smart, yet innovative solutions and implementation expertise. Our successful platforms and implementation expertise empowers you with a clear vision for your strategic objectives, keeping your KPIs more aligned towards success and excellence. Our solutions help you grow faster, more agile, and responsive in this ever-changing digital world. It also encourages planning, innovation, and creativity.

Application portfolio management:

The Application Portfolio Management Solution allows admin users to unify on-premises and SaaS applications to eliminate redundant systems and improve organisation and efficiency. Providing a console for mapping an organisation’s application landscape. Helping users standardise technologies, rationalise use cases, and align service level agreements. Understanding the application lifecycle and the impact on other artefacts.

Integrating data from applications in use to help IT managers identify an application’s value, reduce technology overlap, and mitigate risks. The solution presents the landscape in a workflow or mapping model, which allows users to group technologies by use or department and visualise their entire company’s software and service stack

Palmira delivered successful projects throughout the EMEA  region including KSA, UAE, Jordan, and Europe.

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ARIS Aware

ARIS Aware

Powerful insights through

Palmira enriches your existing process models with live data from operational systems by using ARIS Aware from Software AG. ARIS Aware connects to a wide range of data sources with your process portal. By blending a process model with a running process instance, process cycle times or incidents, you can monitor the differences between the expected and the actual values in real-time – and realise significant new process improvements. Blending the design world with the operational world transforms your process portal business into a sound foundation for senior executives to make their best decisions. Add business criticality to your process portal with these ARIS Aware capabilities.

Data connectivity and mash-ups

Palmira helps you build dashboards from many data sources using ARIS Aware. ARIS Aware is equipped with ready-to-go templates so you can quickly get answers to critical questions like:

  • How good is the quality of my process model?
  • How often has a model been clicked?
  • What technology is used by a specific group of people?

Innovative, context-sensitive, and story-telling visualisation of KPIs and data analysis seamlessly integrated with ARIS.

Context-aware dashboards

ARIS Aware dashboards are easy to build and easy to understand. Show your users the most relevant information that is important to them with context-aware dashboards that any user can easily interpret. Users from any group or business function – such as HR, procurement, marketing, sales, or lines of business – will see the processes they are part of along with KPI’s that are relevant to their work. When correlations are easier to understand, users get more value out of the existing process content, which increases user adoption and end-user satisfaction.

Interactive visual analyses

Faster time to value through

Get there faster with preconfigured use case-driven dashboards that can easily be applied to your ARIS Connect portal. Standard dashboards are easy-to-use, customizable and include: Model Quality & Maturity Management, Process Performance Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, and Customer Experience Management.


Easier proof of value through

We enable users to interact in ARIS Connect and which information they need most. Demonstrate the value of your centre of process excellence to the senior executive team with user experience data. And with user insights, you can make your process portal more user-driven and intuitive than ever before.

ARIS aware MDOEE Palmira

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ARIS “Business Process Analysis”


Software AG’s ARIS Business Modelling Platform is ideal for organisations that want to document, analyse, standardise and improve their processes.

With better processes across business, IT and SAP systems, your organisation can respond faster to changing mission and business. Use the ARIS Business Process Analysis (BPA) Platform to document and design your strategy, processes and architectures. It’s ideal for analysing, simulating and optimising your business processes with our mapping software. 

With ARIS Business Process Analysis, you can leverage the wisdom-of-the-crowd to support continuous process improvements and benefit from governance to keep processes under control. You also can build an effective enterprise management system while keeping customer experience management a priority. All these capabilities are key to your survival in the digital world.



Define, design and document agency wide architectures

  • Support for all industry standard frameworks (e.g. DoDAF, TOGAF, ArchiMate, etc.) and custom frameworks
  • Align mission and IT strategy with operational processes and IT architecture by combining ARIS Business Process Analysis and Alfabet capabilities
  • Analyse costs to improve process efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Document business processes and dependencies between organisation, processes, data and IT-applications


  • Identify bottlenecks and run “what if” analyses
  • Provide version control and change history documentation
  • Govern process management to support change management and continuous improvement programs


  • Evaluate process use and quality, and then use KPIs to drive process optimization
  • Share process information with a flexible, role-based process portal
  • Create a common understanding of your business



  • ARIS offers an easy-to-use tool for enterprise-wide business process design. You can create models quickly and present them so they are easy to understand:
  • Create, analyse, manage and administer your process architecture
  • Document and align your corporate strategy with business processes and IT
  • Describe the resources needed for the processes and environment in which they operate


Analyse process information, such as time and costs, using standard or customised analysis and queries:


  • Manage process assets in the extensible method-based and multi-language ARIS repository:
  • Keep track of version control and change history
  • Create a “single truth” for process information
  • Collaborate and report without misunderstandings
  • Make process information a re-usable corporate asset


  • Share process information with a flexible and customizable role-based process portal:
  • Publish process information quickly, flexibly, reliably
  • Create easy and intuitive views of process models
  • Improve acceptability through business-oriented presentation


  • Unlock the power of collaborative process improvement:
  • Engage anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Design, publish and create dashboards all in one tool
  • Link people, processes and IT


Evaluate processes in terms of quality and usage using KPIs:

  • Understand and increase the business value of processes
  • Identify optimization potential using proven analysis
  • Implement best-practice processes and procedures


Analyse business processes to improve process efficiency and cost effectiveness:

  • Identify your best processes
  • Understand and increase the business value of processes
  • Determine best use of resources


Align ARIS process blueprints with execution in webMethods BPMS:

  • Easily collaborate and align processes
  • Implement changes quickly
  • Automate processes successfully


Re-use defined business processes and design test cases graphically or automatically to:

  • Improve process quality in later project phases
  • Save time by re-using existing data and processes
  • Reduce risks of incomplete testing


  • Manage the process of process management:
  • Implement processes in a lightweight, model-driven way
  • Make changes without IT’s involvement
  • Reduce implementation efforts by 50 percent


A good process is no longer good enough; it’s the customer experience reflected in your processes that really matters. By designing and analysing customer journeys from the outside-in perspective, you get a chance to enhance their customer experience in order to differentiate from competition in terms of customer satisfaction and to reflect on your own processes from another point of view. But in fact, the Business Process Analysis (BPA) world missed developing a CXM solution that delivers the capabilities and the methods to design and analyse processes from an “outside-in” perspective. 

To close this gap, Palmira utilises ARIS to enable clients to improve their customer experience by designing customer journeys.

By taking customer emotions and expectations into account and using techniques such as customer journey mapping, customer touch-points analysis and identifying the critical Moments of Truth (MoT), your organisation can deliver a better customer experience. Using such approaches to improve customer satisfaction helps you:

  • Ensure better customer interactions, enhance customer satisfaction
  • Stay tuned to customers and recognize new ways to satisfy customer needs
  • Enhance customer loyalty, increase sales and revenue
  • Enhance measures and KPIs, reduce brand risk
  • Preserve business agility
  • Identify gaps and issues, recognize opportunities
  • Take advantage of new innovations

Customer Journey is essential for any industry and heavily utilised by the Government, Banking, Oil and Gas and Telecommunication sector.


Palmira keeps a simple business process methodology. We apply APQC. Starting with identifying Core, Support and Management Processes, we then define the value chain diagram in 2nd level. Then the 3rd level consists of processes names for the ease of navigation. While in 4th level, we document the process workflow. Capturing events and activities in the process, we link each activity to all related organisational context including: Services, Roles, Forms, Risk,… . The implementation promotes agility and responsiveness of the organisation, empowering governing and procedures related to the ecosystem.

Additionally, all our projects go through the 3M (Man, Method, Machine) practice:

Method: Designing the procedures according to global standards.      

Machine: Installing and configuring the solution according to the applied method.

Man: Knowledge transfer to empower human capital to run the solution with the right methodology.

Palmira delivers  pioneer Business Process Management services to several reputable names in Government, Banking and Telecommunication sectors. We delivered Business process Management projects that serve great initiatives. From Digital government to Open Finance and from paperless government initiatives to Open Banking. Opening the opportunity for businesses to re-engineer their processes, improve their operation and compliance. Helping our clients to design their Digital Future.

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Strategy- to- execute in one solution

With this Solution you will be able to:

  1. Manage Full Cycle from Strategy to Execute
  2. Break down silos between Solution Delivery and the rest of the Business.
  3. Communicate the status of releases to business stakeholders and give visibility into your team’s progress.
  4. Speed up your SDLC by integrating your clients’ and your business requirements with the most famous project management tools– in ONE-SINGLE-POINT-OF-TRUTH using #ARIS
  5. Reduce error, cost, time, and effort while enhancing productivity, accuracy, and reliability all of it while improving the quality of the cycle.
  6. Seamless integration between business analysis team and Software development team.


The solution is dynamic and provides multiple integration points with the well known tools for project management, Development, Testing, (e.g. JIRA, Azure DevOps, Microsoft EPM, Zeplin, Katalon )

  • Availability of required ARIS Licenses
  • Availability of required ARIS API Licenses and Certificates
  • Availability of required JIRA, Azure DevOps, Microsoft EPM API Access

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