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We help our clients to shape direction, mobilize their organizations, build capabilities, and support execution for sustainable results. Leading organizations to future requires building innovation and digital business skills, and Palmira works to develop concrete plans for business transformation initiatives. Hence, we are committed to provide set of leading tools, advanced practices and services that promote Business Transformation which align People, Process and Technology initiatives of the organization to be more closely with its business strategy and vision. Palmira is a Premier Regional Partner of World Class technologies.

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التخطيط للتميز المؤسسي والتحول الرقمي


We help you build your Enterprise Architecture including Business Layer (Strategy Management, Business Processes, Performance Management...

Automate and develop applications


Contain Integration (including Enterprise Management and API Management) and Automation using a world class platforms in BPMS and Low-Code.

Accelerate KNIME


Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) era. To accelerate, organizations should be ready to accept the Robotic world!

Palmira Software AG ARIS Monitor


Allow managers to visualize outcomes to explore and analyze data flowing through and stored. Providing interactive dashboards that show the latest KPIs.

Recent Work



Building a Recommendation System with KNIME


August 4, 2020 | Tuesday
5 PM - 5:45 PM UTC +4 (Dubai)

This webinar will be hosted by Palmira and held in Arabic.

Companies leverage data to help control not only their business operations but also the customer’s experience with the objective of making better decisions.

During this webinar, Palmira will provide an introduction to recommendation systems, and walk you through how you can create your own application using KNIME Software.

Business Strategy to IT Execution


August 19, 2020 | Tuesday
2 PM - 3 PM PM UTC +4 (Dubai)

While enterprises go on digital transformation, there is still no seamless connection between business and IT departments. Based on our strategy to execution approach, you will get the insight about how you can achieve your process excellence with integrating business process management and IT project management tools.

In this webcast, Mohammad Soliman Agha, Projects Delivery Manager, Palmira Software House will discuss you the Fundamental Steps from business Strategy to IT Execution Also, a live demo of ARIS process integration with project management tools from Ahmad Hammad, Product Manager, Palmira Software House.


Enterprise Architecture


Be a leader in digital transformation by aligning IT and business operations through Enterprise Architecture.

Let's start today!

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Big Data solution


Digital transformation involves a data-driven approach. By the right platform, organizations can boost predictive maintenance, real-time compliance monitoring which require multiple analytics workloads, data science tools and machine learning algorithms to run against the same diverse data sets.
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ARIS Dubai


Strategize your business with ease using ARIS where you can create, analyze, manage and administer your whole enterprise model, from strategy of business processes to information architecture, application landscapes and services.
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Machine Learning الذكاء الاصطناعي في الإمارات


KNIME help you build software to create and productionize data science using one easy and intuitive environment, enabling every stakeholder in the data science process to focus on what they do best.

Discover the hidden potential in data!

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Integration and API Management


A world-class integration platform that helps you harness your "digital DNA" to its optimum by integrating old, new and emerging technologies from business apps, devices, big data, the IoT, and who knows what's next? But we will keep you ready and up to date!
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Our Team

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Dr. Abdulqader AlKhayat

Stephanie Badii

Palmira Excellence

Meet the team, we deliver top quality solutions and amazing support!

We served several organizations and set their strategy and execute models using different solutions! Now, we are ready to take your organization towards your digital leap.

Professional Certificates 85%
College Degree 100%
Master's Degree 95%
Certifications 80%

Office #1703, Exchange Tower
Business Bay, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates

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Enterprise Architecture (EA)

EA focuses on understanding IT performance, reducing IT costs and increasing IT agility.

IT Planning

It aligns investment portfolio. Reduces project risk and project costs. Boosts the effectiveness of IT project investments.

IT Financial Management

Main advantages for IT Financial Management is understanding IT financial performance and optimizing IT spending.

Big Data data warehouse data lake

Big Data

Nowadays, we often hear the word Big Data in terms of technological advancements. By that, let us help you have your data structured so you can analyze without any hassle!

ARIS Business Process Palmira


With ARIS Aware, you can monitor and analyze relevant KPIs quickly on a dashboard. Create individual dashboards that tell the whole story by giving a complete overview of KPIs.


By using ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager at Software AG, you can implement and efficiently operate an enterprise-wide compliance and risk management system.


With process transformation & management, BPA powered by Software AG’s ARIS will give you all the tools you need to: TRANSFORM, MANAGE AND MEASURE. ARIS offers all capabilities you need to achieve excellence.

data science


KNIME Analytics platform is one of the most popular open source platforms used in data science to automate the data science process.

Artificial Intelligence

Build machine learning models. Optimize model performance. Validate models and make predictions using validated models directly, or with industry leading PMML, including on Apache Spark.

integration UAE

World Class ESB

webMethods is one of the most popular platforms for integrating IT systems. The main advantage of webMethods is the completeness of the solution.


WebMethods provides a complete environment to create, run, monitor and optimize business processes.

Powerful API Management

Using API, you can securely manage and expose your APIs to the world