webMethods API Management

API Management allows you to manage the entire process of planning, designing, developing and securely exposing your APIs to external developers, partners and other consumers.

We offer both an on-premises API Management called webMethods API Management Platform, as well as a cloud-based API Management as a Service offering.

With API Management you can:

  • Design and compose APIs
  • Protect and secure your APIs
  • Engage with developers and partners to build your ecosystem
  • Manage the API lifecycle
  • Monitor the health of your APIs
  • Catalog your APIs for discovery, reuse and lifecycle management
  • Manage the consumption of 3rd party APIs

The expertise of Palmira and the integrated infrastructure from Software AG, enable you to manage the entire lifecycle of your APIs. API Management powered by webMethods allows you to securely expose your APIs to external developers and partners.


Once your APIs are “out there,” hackers have a “way in” to your business. Lock that door! Protect your data, applications—even your company’s reputation—with robust API runtime security. The right API gateway will keep out wrong-doers and welcome only authorised consumers.

With cybercrime costs surging to $2 trillion by 2019, look for the most impermeable API gateway you can find. You’ll need basic security features, like authentication, authorization, digital encryption and digital signatures. You’ll get that with Software AG’s end-to-end API management solution—and another lock on top.

webMethods API Gateway uses reverse invoke, or inside-out, service invocations. This protective technique reduces the need to open holes in your firewall. It’s one more way we help you lock down your APIs—and protect your business from malicious attacks.

Palmira implements webMethods API Gateway because it uses reverse invoke, or inside-out, service invocations. This protective technique reduces the need to open holes in your firewall. It’s one more way we help you lock down your APIs—and protect your business from malicious attacks.

As each organisation builds APIs using API Gateway for easy consumption and monetization, the continuous integration and delivery are integral parts of the API Gateway solutions to meet the consumer demands.  We need to automate the management of APIs and policies to speed up the deployment, introduce continuous integration concepts and place API artefacts under source code management. As new apps are deployed, the API definitions can change and those changes have to be propagated to other external products like API portal. This requires the API owner to update the associated documentation and in most cases this process is a tedious manual exercise. In order to address this issue, it is key to bring in DevOps style automation to the API lifecycle management process in API Gateway. 

This is an important capability for enterprises to deliver continuous innovation with speed and agility, ensuring that new updates and capabilities are automatically, efficiently and securely delivered to their developers and partners in a timely fashion and without manual intervention. We enable a team of API Gateway policy developers to work in parallel developing APIs and policies to be deployed as a single API Gateway configuration.

Benefits of adopting our API Management:

  • Highly reproducible configuration deployments, with the right configuration set applied to the right target, every time
  • Much faster time to recreate environments from scratch, where configurations can be applied in seconds onto a “raw” just-installed deployment
  • Reduce time-consuming for manual configurations that can lead to mistakes and security issues
  • No more configuration inconsistencies between environments, data centres, or clouds
  • Easy to see the complete details of the changes made to the configurations of a particular environment by simply reviewing the changes committed to the source control system (what, who, when)
  • Easy to “go-back-in-time” by recalling the configuration sets stored in source control, and re-applying them in seconds onto an environment of choice 

Palmira delivers pioneer API Management services to several reputable names in Government, Banking and Telecommunication sectors. We delivered API management projects that serve great initiatives. From Digital government to Open Finance and from paperless government initiatives to and Open Banking. Opening their business to the world with a secure and easy to use API Management tool. 

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