Metrix+ is an evidence-based strategy and performance management suite which allows organizations to transform their performance management processes from burdensome routines into valuable business practices. It focuses on what organization shall measure towards emphasizing the learning and development to achieve the objectives and targets.

Metrix+ enable you to manage:


This Module provides the ability to capture or define the organization contextual dimensions (and creates a snapshot of the context to be used for different purposes within the system, as well as providing multi-dimensional relationships mapping functionality to create logical connections between identified organizational elements such as processes, channels, products, customers, departments, etc


This module provides beside the flexible and systematic approach to identify, manage and assess performance metrics, the ability to set tasks and accountabilities. This module supports defining different types of KPI’s (Automatic, Manual & Aggregated) associated with organization context to ensure proper proof about what has been measured and what has not been measured yet. ​


Decision makers have valid and evidence proof about the organizational context elements associated with performance data where future planning and budgeting will be accelerated and more accurate. The software supports intelligent performance risk issues and suggests corrective and preventive action to ensure proper and systematic governance toward total corporate performance management.


This module enables the users to build and publish visual, interactive and relational dashboards to display performance perspectives according to audience interests. The module has the capability to view hierarchical organizational context elements to provide the audiences more insight about the aggregated performance data and the impact of low-level organizational context elements on the top-level elements.


  • AI based
  • Foresee outcome
  • Increase awareness
  • Enhance performance
  • The world leading
  • The decision maker’s tool

MetrixPlus, the Corporate Performance Management

Is AI based solution

Built to achieve higher-performance

Analytics solution to capture, monitor, explore and share performance data.

Evidence-Based solution to support aware decision making

Enabling corporates to reach goals, enhance processes, excellence services, award employees and monitor systems

Using innovative methodologies, processes and metrics

Captures organizational context

Establishes correlations among organizational elements and link it to defined metrics

Powerful infrastructure enables deep-dive insight

Automate corporate planning, and performance monitoring

Digital journey from planning …. Achieve and monitor

User friendly serving multiple viewpoints meets users, analysts, management interests

Continuously improve awareness and maturity within the organization.

Lifecycle Governance

Dynamic workflows to manage full cycle of Strategy-to-Execute operations including management review

Intuitive task management system provide ability to track system tasks and clear roles and responsibilities 

Preventive and corrective actions tracking

Seamless Integration framework with ARIS EMS by SoftwareAG

Ability to integrate with other Enterprise Architecture solutions to capture the organizational context


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