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Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)



webMethods Integration Platform is an enterprise service bus solution that quickly connects all systems and applications no matter where they reside. This powerful solution offers a proven and pre-integrated software suite that makes it easy to quickly integrate systems, servers, processes, devices, partners and data. With this enterprise service bus platform, organizations not only get a solution for application integration, B2B and cloud integration, but for managed file transfer, master data management and mobile applications as well.


Enterprise service bus solution enables you to:

  • Eliminate application silos by quickly integrating anything with everything
  • Enable custom, packaged and mainframe applications and databases to interoperate and exchange information easily
  • Reduce the costs of maintenance and integration by eliminating point-to-point connections
  • Accelerate time-to-market by developing applications faster and re-using existing assets
  • Extend information and apps to employees, customers and partners anywhere
  • Power enterprise mobile apps by provisioning back-end data capabilities in a secure and well-managed fashion
  • Eliminate redundant or unneeded systems from acquisitions and mergers
  • Securely connect mobile and SaaS applications with enterprise systems
  • Improve regulatory compliance and risk management by using a single version of shared data
  • Ensure continued value from legacy and core applications with SAP integration


Business integration solution is built with best-of-breed enterprise service bus technology and offers capabilities that include:

Service orchestration with built-in mapping and transformation functions

Asynchronous high-speed messaging to Web, mobile and enterprise clients

Master data management for customer, product, reference and hierarchical data

Managed file transfer within the organization and across enterprises

End-to-end life-cycle management of all integration artifacts

Integration holds the key to accelerating innovation, but in many organizations, business systems and application integrations haven’t kept up with the demands of digital. Data still exists in a siloed blend of on-premises systems and unconnected cloud applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) has added another layer of complexity into the mix.

Spark new ideas, create new products and services with integration as your differentiator using our market-leading webMethods Integration platform.

We’ve helped thousands of organizations across nearly every industry achieve success and re-invent themselves as innovators and marketplace disrupters. As the leader and recognized experts in integration with our iPaaS, hybrid integration, APIs, B2B, cloud integration and on-premises integration offerings—we can help you integrate anything—and everything.

For companies seeking a leading enterprise service bus solution, we offer the webMethods Integration Platform.

webMethods (API Management)

Integration is more than connecting applications. Through Software AG’s webMethods, we will enable your firm to integrate systems, applications, services, processes, partners and data to provide new business value and improve performance.

We integrate with any system, using protocols like: MQ, JDBC, SOAP & REST Services, FTP, and many others, …

Today’s integration challenges include integrating applications no matter where they are deployed – integration platform as a service (iPaaS), inside a company’s firewalls, or at a partner’s site. Integration also must help manage external access to a company’s unique data and capabilities.

Our talented Java and Nodejs developers who have extensive expertise in SOA and application integration, help our customers design and develop cost-effective integrated business solutions.

Your options are wide open with us. By building an application integration solution on the top-rated hybrid integration platform, you can set up just about any integration quickly and easily. You can:

Integrate cloud-based apps and on-premises systems without coding

Simplify with one toolset for on-premises and cloud integrations

Use a microservices-style architecture to deliver and scale new integrations faster

Run both services and messaging-style integrations

Even count on us for managed services for your integration needs

webMethods platform offers an opportunity to organizations to meet all their data access, integration and management requirements with one solution—CONNX—whether you want to plug into mainframe, mid-tier, desktop or cloud systems. Using the industry’s widest range of database drivers, you can create a single view of multiple databases and allow real-time access to consume the data as it is being updated in real time.

With API Management you can:

  • Design and compose APIs
  • Protect and secure your APIs
  • Engage with developers and partners to build your ecosystem
  • Manage the API lifecycle
  • Monitor the health of your APIs
  • Catalog your APIs for discovery, reuse and lifecycle management
  • Manage the consumption of 3rd party APIs

With an integrated infrastructure from Software AG, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your APIs. API Management powered by webMethods allows you to securely expose your APIs to external developers and partners.

Forrester Research named Software AG a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Integration for Enterprises, Q4 2016.

In this highly valued report, you’ll learn the results of “The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Integration for Enterprises, Q4 2016” extensive research of the top Hybrid Integration Solutions, including each product’s overall ranking, specific capabilities and strengths and weaknesses

webMethods (BPMS)

The webMethods BPMS

The solution delivers everything you need to improve process speed, visibility, consistency, and agility. Capabilities include:

Process execution that let you run perfectly orchestrated processes in a transparent and efficient process landscape

Business rules management that enables you to define and change rules at any time without requiring the help of developers

Closed-loop analytics that let you take actions based on alerts from milestones, goals, and SLAs

A customizable inbox that lets you view, act on and collaborate on assigned tasks

A recommendation engine that guides you to complete tasks faster and more effectively

Task and team management to improve how people interact with your processes

Business activity monitoring to catch process problems in real time and prevent them from impacting customers or revenue.

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