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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA)


Launch your business to the next level by mapping all the interdependencies between assets, and drawing a clear path towards a successful future. Together with our clients, we design a smart IT portfolio and roadmap for a better digital future for your organisation.


    Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the process of translating your business strategy into enterprise change by identifying, communicating, planning for and enabling your organisation’s evolution to the desired future state.

    Our EA professional services empower organisations to:

    • Reduce IT Complexity
    • Increase return on IT investment
    • Clear IT Portfolio planning
  • enterprise architecture

    EA enterprise architecture

Federated enterprise architecture

Properly executed, EA bridges the gap between business and IT and enables leaders to make better-informed decisions. With a strong EA function, organisations clearly identify assets, understand the interdependencies, and map them to a business architecture to realise better resource optimization through business process improvements or other initiatives that rapidly fill the gaps to achieve an organisation’s objectives.

The role of the EA in the project is to ensure cooperation between the business process owners and the project organisation. It needs to be reviewed in different phases of the project as defined in the Project Model. The projects shape and give input to Enterprise Architecture ensuring that it supports the on-going business changes.  The aim is to keep EA holistic and on the driver’s seat of what comes to the development of business concepts, processes and solutions.

Therefore, a good practice is to proactively give input to concepts and projects before too many decisions are made. In addition, it is essential to systematically maintain and communicate the target state with visual views  to all relevant stakeholders.

Palmira helps you explore the benefits and use of Enterprise Architecture and offer practical guidance on the steps required to begin implementing a plan for your organisation’s evolution.

We apply the latest framework designed for better Enterprise Architecture implementation like TOGAF and implement its relation with other known frameworks such as COBIT, ITIL and PMBOK to deliver to you an integration between these frameworks; and where they start and end

enterprise architecture

Palmira provides full-fledged Portfolios Governance, including but not limited to Application Portfolio Governance, Information Portfolio Governance, Technology Portfolio Governance, Service Portfolio Governance, that would lead to a better Architecture Evaluation & Roadmapping.

We adopt Gartner’s application fitness review processes to assess the overall quality and fitness of the applications and products to move the health of the portfolio forward and providing input for a decision process, roadmap development or strategy development to effect meaningful change in the application portfolio.
The overall process of the Application Portfolio Business and Technical Fitness Assessment is described in the following figure 

Enterprise Architecture EA Gartner

The main steps are:
1. PREPARE: Define the purpose and scope of the assessment. Assemble a joint business and IT team.
2. ASSESS BUSINESS FITNESS and quality of applications and products: Collect and assess information for application and products, and
determine the rating for business fitness, quality, and cost profile indicators.
3. ASSESS TECHNICAL FITNESS and Risk of Technical Stacks and Platforms: Collect and assess information for technical stacks and platforms and
determine the rating for technical fitness and risk indicators.
4. ANALYZE: Combine and analyze business and technical fitness to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement. Use the results to explain in simple terms the risks and opportunities in the current portfolio during discussions about the application strategy, roadmap, and prioritization.
5. DECIDE AND IMPROVE: These steps are not part of the assessment process, but important for next steps to point out.


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