Business Process Analysis (ARIS)

Business Process Analysis Tool

ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform is ideal for analyzing and optimizing business processes for better productivity. Achieve continuous process  improvement along your entire journey to becoming a Digital Enterprise

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ARIS aware


Build dashboards from many data sources. ARIS Aware is equipped with ready-to-go templates so you can quickly get answers to critical questions like: How good is the quality of my process model? How often has a model been clicked? What technology is used by a specific group of people?   Innovative, context-sensitive and story-telling visualization […]

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Enterprise Portfolio management (ALFABET)

IT Portfolio and Planning

Alfabet  is a Business and  IT Portfolio Management Platform provides decision-makers with insight into the IT portfolio to make the right IT investment decisions and to plan how IT will support the business in the future. Increase your return on IT investments and reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make […]

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Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (ARIS)

Governance and Risk Managemnet

ARIS Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Platform enables enterprises to confidently meet internal and external legal requirements and standards while efficiently managing risks.

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Enterprise Service Bus

Software AG’s webMethods Integration Platform is an enterprise service bus solution that quickly connects all systems and applications no matter where they reside. This powerful solution offers a proven and pre-integrated software suite that makes it easy to quickly integrate systems, servers, processes, devices, partners, and data. With this enterprise service bus platform, organizations not only get […]

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With Software AG’s BPMS, you can: Increase efficiency by automatically executing and orchestrating all the steps of a process, including those that must be performed by people or systems Enhance transparency by monitoring performance throughout process execution and taking action based on information gleaned from real-time analytics and dashboards Resolve issues quickly by rerouting work […]

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