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An ESB platform is critical for organizations, who are seeking to maintain or improve agility. Enterprise architecture and IT environments are going through radical changes with the rise of technologies like big data, cloud, IOT, mobile and social media. An ESB platform can help enterprises evolve with the technology trend and adapt changes more easily. With the right ESB solution, an organization can more effectively develop secure, enterprise-class solutions to respond to a business opportunities quickly. They can integrate on-premises software with cloud applications built on different technology platforms, manage ever-changing standards, interoperability requirements and business processes across the extended enterprise, while promoting collaboration within and beyond the organization.

Integration is more than just connecting applications, and using Software AG’s webMethods ESB platform, we will enable your organization to integrate business partners, on premises or cloud applications, define processes, derive analytical trends to provide new business values and improve performance.

Software AG’s enterprise service bus solution enables you to:

  • Eliminate application silos by quickly integrating anything with everything
  • Enable custom, packaged and mainframe applications and databases to interoperate and exchange information easily
  • Reduce the costs of maintenance and integration by eliminating point-to-point connections
  • Accelerate time-to-market by developing applications faster and re-using existing assets
  • Extend information and apps to employees, customers, and partners anywhere
  • Power enterprise mobile apps by provisioning back-end data capabilities in a secure and well-managed fashion
  • Eliminate redundant or unneeded systems from acquisitions and mergers
  • Securely connect mobile and SaaS applications with enterprise systems
  • Improve regulatory compliance and risk management by using a single version of shared data
  • Ensure continued value from legacy and core applications with SAP integration

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Software AG Universal Messaging is a single solution for high-performance, low-latency messaging across a wide array of delivery channels, including all mainstream enterprise, web and mobile platforms.

For the enterprise, Software AG Universal Messaging delivers high throughput messaging for resilient, secure and highly scalable applications.

For web and mobile, Software AG Universal Messaging was designed from the ground up to provide real-time streaming to the edge of corporate networks and beyond.

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Built on the world’s #1 integration platform, Software AG’s B2B integration solutions remove the high costs, confusion and complexity of managing multiple systems and formats.

You get one gateway for all B2B transactions, from purchase orders to payments. You can see what’s going on with every transaction. And, you can quickly integrate any system, whether you need EDI or RosettaNet® to link up high-tech industries or SWIFT® to make electronic payments with banks.

Looking to connect partners in the cloud? We’ve got that covered too. With webMethods.io B2B, you can rely on us to set up and maintain your B2B network while you onboard trading partners in minutes. Send any number of documents and grow to connect any number of partners.

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