Enterprise Portfolio management (ALFABET)

IT Portfolio and Planning

Alfabet  is a Business and  IT Portfolio Management Platform provides decision-makers with insight into the IT portfolio to make the right IT investment decisions and to plan how IT will support the business in the future. Increase your return on IT investments and reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make changes in your organization’s IT portfolio by using the Alfabet IT Portfolio Management Platform. Available on-premises or as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.



To lead your market, you need laser-focused investments in IT and a lean, modern and pliable enterprise architecture to enable and accelerate your digital transformation. To achieve this, you need to know exactly what IT assets you have today, how they interrelate, where redundancies exist, and if those investments align with your digital business vision.

Get IT in top shape with Software AG’s enterprise architecture solution powered by Alfabet, the leader in EA tools for 11 consecutive years. With Alfabet, you can:

  • Improve business and IT collaboration by creating a common understanding of business strategy between IT and business departments
  • Articulate how IT can drive business strategy and actively support business success
  • Optimize the technology portfolio and ensure it is leveraged for best business results and in step with new technologies
  • Reduce costs for licenses, operations, support and application integration, freeing up financial resources for innovation
  • Comply with GDPR and increasingly demanding regulations


Digitalization demands change—and lots of it—with awesome innovations that leverage the cloud, the Internet of Things, bimodal IT, agile development and DevOps. Tackle these changes head on when you understand the impact of them from every angle.

By using IT Portfolio Management, Software AG’s solution—powered by market-leading Alfabet, you can:

  • Run IT like a business by evaluating assets, returns and risks in the IT landscape to make smart investment, divestment and hold decisions
  • Estimate the impact everywhere with “whole-view management”—know interdependencies between portfolios for applications, technologies, projects, services and APIs
  • Set the pace for change—whether to support a business innovation, a new market segment or the back office, and determine how fast systems need to change

Only Alfabet, a leader in both the enterprise architecture and portfolio management markets, enables you to align portfolio decisions with the future-state EA models that are the IT strategy. So when business says, “New change,” IT can say, “Bring it on!”

Alfabet’s portfolio management capabilities come in two editions – Alfabet Enterprise and Alfabet FastLane – to let you decide which option best fits your needs based on budget, portfolio management maturity, program goals and stakeholders.