COVID19: PRAM on Crisis
Facing Adversity with Strategy

As we face the challenges that COVID19 has brought us, it is undeniable that there has been a great shift in organizations within their processes, structure, and etc,. Adjusting to these drastic changes can be both simple and complex.

PRAM on Crisis is a handy cycle to guide you on how to deal with unprecedented challenges like COVID19.

1. Probe

Acquire all factual data about the crisis for you to analyze and determine the pressure points that can potentially cause great risks towards your organization. We are here to help you assess those pressure points to manage and make a business continuity management plan and get through from this together. Talk to us, we have a free consultation service for your business continuity plan.

2. Review & Respond Right

After probing and analyzing possible scenarios, review all available resources and respond with the right strategy. In this course of the pandemic, it is crucial for the management to decide fast and act right. It has paved way for almost all of the businesses across the globe to lend a hand.

The inevitable use of technology flourished to connect us, what can be done online – shall be done, or we’ll make one! Thus, beneficial tools across the internet free and available with tutorials and upgraded features to help business organizations cope with every possible implication during and after the pandemic.

Our partner, Software AG just released ARIS4Free for 6 months. You can build models to reallocate or redesign processes, organizational structures, manage governance or any part that may deem vital to the organization. You can do all that with the use of your browser and no need to install anything.

Try it out If you need any help, we are on support 24/7.

3. Adapt


Embrace uncertainty. We live in the “new normal” now, one great example is working from home – it is not just a privilege but a need. Therefore, it is essential to have a conducive home office space wherein you can conduct video call conferencing comfortably instead of face-to-face meetings.

In adapting new solutions, there will  be a lot of changes and chances that is possible to happen, keep your eye on the horizon as opportunities come your way. It is necessary to clearly communicate your tailored strategies and objectives within the organization and also to the customers to avoid gaps.

 Assurance and convenience are significant aspects in both stakeholders and shareholders. Familiarize yourself with the available tools in the market in which you can use to enhance your customers’ experience. Now is the time that you’re mostly needed by your customers. Let them know that your services won’t falter by having a seamless flow in your customer journey despite the chaos.

Get the ball rolling with the right tools and execute!

4. Monitor

Once all of the changes are implemented, the greatest way to know if something works is to measure and monitor the outcome to further optimize and make your processes in your organization faster, leaner, and better. It can future proof strategies and solidify your business continuity plan in any given crisis.

Uncertain times require innovative solutions, we always need to reinvent the wheel time and time again. In the recent turn of events, one of the most favorable key to thrive amidst the challenges is to forge people, process and technology towards digital transformation.

We can excel and deliver when confronted with adversity using the right strategy and remember that we always got your back.

Our hands are all on deck, our team of consultants are ready to give you crisis management consultations

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