Business Process Analysis (ARIS)

Business Process Analysis Tool

Palmira implement ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform as an ideal solution for analyzing and optimizing business processes for better productivity. Achieve continuous process  improvement along your entire journey to becoming a Digital Enterprise

We empower you to Create, analyze, Manage and Administer your whole enterprise model, from strategy of business processes to information architecture, application landscapes and services.

With ARIS Architect & Designer, Palmira Empowers you to:

  • Improve and understand processes easily via a modern, friendly UI that features tabs and pictogram-style objects
  • Speed up modeling with mini toolbar, fragments and powerful search capabilities
  • Choose feature set based on role so that one installation works for everyone—process modelers, process owners, business analysts and strategists, and ARIS enterprise and information architecture experts.
  • Assure consistency and re-usability of models and data through our central repositor


ARIS supports all standard notations and modeling needs so you can get business and IT working together—tighter. Use:

  • Non-technical modeling such as Event-driven Process Chains (EPCs), value-added chains or even dedicated models for customer journey mapping
  • BPMN™, BPMN 2.0 or Enterprise BPMN (EBPMN), which enhances BPMN with the business view
  • More technical notations, such as Unified Modeling Language (UML™), Entity-Relationship Model (ERM) and Decision Model and Notation™ (DMN™)

ARIS is top ranked as a BPMN 2.0 implementer by the Object Management Group® to support process design, importing/exporting and round-tripping. It also offers a new modeling method for your IoT project that can be combined with business-related information.


Palmira is considered the leading company in ARIS implementation. Palmira delivered several ARIS projects in the region including UAE, Jordan and Europe. An example of our ARIS projects was done with Jordan Islamic Bank, where we deploy solution, transfer BPM knowledge and monitor implementation for a world class standards. We also implemented ARIS in GDRFA Dubai that includes, Strategy management, Business Process Management, Service Catalog, Organization Structure Management … and many more references can be provided upon engagement with clients.

Implementing ARIS as a Business analysis solution will:

  • Align corporate strategy with your operational business and IT architecture
  • Document the business and dependencies between organizations, processes, data and IT applications
  • Design internal business processes while taking into account customer emotions and expectations

We provide with all capabilities you need to achieve excellence. Aim for excellence in everything you do by managing and transforming your processes using ARIS Platform.


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