Automate using BPMS & Low Code Platforms

We help you Develop, Execute and Monitor enterprise-scale process automation and workflow management solutions. Define rules for your processes to automate decisions and change those rules at any time.


Low Code Platform: A low-code development platform  allows users to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration. Low-code development reduces the amount of traditional hand-coding, enabling accelerated delivery of business applications. We are a regional Partner of OutSystems. technologies like Low Code development have the potential to deliver huge cost savings and efficiencies to systems, web and mobile apps, business processes and operations for both Government and Private Sector. Blend in the future IoT and analytics, and you are redefining the art of the possible and capturing real-time data streams from all end points to capture insights that can optimize current Government vertical services.


With Software AG’s BPMS, you can:

  • Increase efficiency by automatically executing and orchestrating all the steps of a process, including those that must be performed by people or systems
  • Enhance transparency by monitoring performance throughout process execution and taking action based on information gleaned from real-time analytics and dashboards
  • Resolve issues quickly by rerouting work to other locations, adding temporary resources and creating triage processes
  • Improve quality by simplifying processes, avoiding manual errors and empowering employees to follow standardized, optimized processes that can drive down expenses
  • Manage change with greater agility, flexible business rules and the ability to make the process changes more quickly

The webMethods BPMS

 solution delivers everything you need to improve process speed, visibility, consistency, and agility. Capabilities include:

  • Process execution that let you run perfectly orchestrated processes in a transparent and efficient process landscape
  • Business rules management that enables you to define and change rules at any time without requiring the help of developers
  • Closed-loop analytics that let you take actions based on alerts from milestones, goals, and SLAs
  • A customizable inbox that lets you view, act on and collaborate on assigned tasks
  • A recommendation engine that guides you to complete tasks faster and more effectively
  • Task and team management to improve how people interact with your processes

Business activity monitoring to catch process problems in real time and prevent them from impacting customers or revenue


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