ARIS Process Mining

Improve your processes with a Process Discovery Accelerator, know your processes

ARIS Process Mining lets you understand business processes to find bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Compare designed processes to as-is processes to see, if they execute as planned and make changes, before they impact the bottom line

Key Features:

1. Dicover Process Reality

2. Spot Improvement

3. Process Conformance Checking

4. Automated Data Integration Pipeline

5. Powerful Data Tranfromation

Get a 360-degree view of your supply chain, customer service, IoT, or any other business. ARIS Process Mining lets you understand your process data and their dependencies to find patterns, anomalies and opportunities for improvement. Explore the process mining basics, learning how to compare designed processes to as-is processes, seeing if they execute as planned and make changes before they impact your bottom line. Simulate and analyze process optimization scenarios to determine the best path to improvement.

Know your business with ARIS Process Mining

Discover, measure and analyze your business processes to continuously improve performance. Know the variants and where the bottlenecks are to effect change. Ensure adherence to legal regulations and continuously track how well KPIs are being met or better yet exceeded.

Our clients uses ARIS process mining to improve their business processes in many areas, here are some ideas:

Order to cash

Use a process mining tool to take historical data from every step in every transaction in the order-to-cash process to get a real view of what can be improved. It will lead you to the “happy paths” that get you from order to cash reliably faster.

procure to pay

How do you find and replicate “touchless” orders in your purchasing? Use a process mining tool. It can help you analyze each step in the procure-to-pay process to edit and optimize your workflow to get from request to fulfilment as efficiently as possible.

supply chain management

With stricter fulfillment requirements, increased cost and lagging delivery, supply chain networks directly benefit from process analysis to identify new pathways toward operational acceleration and sustainability.

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